We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone
— Katie Thurmes

a lot of people ask me…

“So what’s your process? How does this all work?”

When someone reaches out to me about photography, I try to get a 360° idea of what they’re looking for.

  • What are some example photos that inspire you?

  • What are examples of photos you don’t like?

  • What caught your eye on my website?

  • Is there anything you were looking for on here that you didn’t see?

    (Sometimes it can come down to something like editing, which can be easily adjusted to fit the style the client is looking for.)

When I photograph, it’s a collaborative process.

It’s not me running the show; I want your feedback and want to work together.

For portraits in-studio, I like to show you photos throughout the shoot so I can make sure we’re getting you what you’re looking for. If there’s something you don’t like, I encourage you to tell me so we can fix it.

For day-of events, I like to go over, ahead of time, any specific shots that you’re looking for. That way, I can stay out of your way during the rest of the event.


A lot of people tell me nervously, “But I don’t know how to pose for a photo…”

During any event or shoot, I won’t expect you to stand in front of the camera and just “do your thing” (unless you want to, in which case, great! Let’s do it.)

I will always give direction on how to stand, which way to turn your face, and crack a few jokes in between to get some great smiles.

I’m confident I can change your mind if you think you’re “just not photogenic”

Trust me, you are, and I will capture that on camera. I’ve had the harshest critics look at a photo of themselves and say, “Wow! I look great!” and I really believe I can do that for you too!