My Story

I started in the beauty industry at 20 years old thinking I’d become special effects makeup artist working on movie sets, but instead found a full time job doing beauty makeup.

I was hired as lead makeup artist for a well noted photography studio in Manhattan, and would work there for four years. Doing makeup for thousands of people, I can now say I’ve worked on just about every age, skin type and skin tone possible on a daily basis. (to read more about my makeup process, click here.)

During my time there, I picked up the camera out of curiosity, and haven’t stopped since.

What drew me to photography was realizing that my interest in others could bring out great smiles in even my most camera-shy clients. Through working at City Headshots, I was fortunate to work with businesses like American Express, LinkedIn, Facebook, and also have my photography published in Forbes.

Since making my transition to Barcelona, I have been focusing on making new connections, learning the language, and of course enjoying the food. I love calling Barcelona “home” and learning more about this beautiful city and the people in it.

I can’t wait to meet you!!